laser treatments & hair removal 


Revive offers non-invasive, clean and relatively painless treatment for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Our unique technology is safe and reliable, offering excellent hair reduction results with minimum discomfort.




Registered Massage Therapy
Laser Treatments & Hair Removal


laser treatments

Upper Lip  $50
Chin   $70
Upper Lip & Chin  $110
Sideburns  $100
Chin & Neck  $150
Jaw  $150
Full Face  $175
Hair Line  $100
Beard (men)  $225
Full Arms  $300
Half Arms  $175
Under Arms  $100
Full Chest (Men)  $300
Full Back (Men)  $300
Shoulders  $175
Abdomen  $150
Chest  $150
Full Legs  $350
Upper Legs  $200
Lower Legs  $150
Knees  $80
Inner Thighs  $130
Feet/Toes  $75
Linea (belly button)  $75
Areola  $60
Bikini Line  $100
Brazilian Bikini  $160


Hair Removal

Brow shaping $13
Lip $8
Chin $10+
Brow/Lip/Chin $28+
Full Arm $25
Half Arm $20
Underarms $20
Full Leg (45 minutes) $55
Half Leg (30 minutes) $40
Bikini (30 minutes) $30
Full leg with bikini (60 minutes) $70
Half leg with bikini (45 minutes) $55
Brazilian (60 minutes) $60
Back or chest (30 minutes) $35

** + prices are based on time needed, a $15.00 charge is applied for each added 15 minutes.

Laser Skin Treatments

Revive’s laser skin treatments can provide a younger, glowing look to your skin. It simultaneously treats the three main elements of sun-damaged, environmentally-polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots and improving skin texture. Skin treatments* are suitable for the face, neck, chest and hands; treating sun spots, small dilated blood vessels called telangiectasias; and skin textural changes such as small lines and enlarged pores. There are no signs of skin irritation after the treatment. You can even do it over your lunch break.

**All laser services are available in a cost saving  pre-paid package of either 4 or 8 services.

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