Awakens the senses with an invigorating aromas with a full-body massage. Pure flower and plant essences ease you into relaxation as our team works hard to ensure you leave looking and feeling your best.



Hands and Feet

Custom aroma spa manicure (30 minutes) $30
They say nothing gives away your age like your hands, so it’s a good idea to make sure they’re looking as perfect as they can be. This customized experience for hands includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, personalized massage, customized exfoliation and treatment masque. Polish application of your choice.

Custom aroma spa pedicure (60 minutes) $55
TLC! Just what the Doctor ordered for those tired, aching feet that support you every day. A customized foot treatment using organic oils and aromas. This customized experience for feet includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, personalized massage, customized exfoliation and treatment masque. A relaxing experience that removes dry, callused skin and leaves feet smooth and soft. Complete nail maintenance and polish application.

Stress fix pedicure (90 minutes) $65
Clinically proven to reduce feeling of stress, the stress-fix™ aroma with lavender, lavendin and clary sage is incorporated throughout this pedicure to calm and rejuvenate you. This treatment softens the feet and legs with a blend of essential oils and a specially blended exfoliator, and a rejuvenating massage, finished with your choice of nail colour.

*add French polish $7
*add LED cured polish $15
*LED cured polish removal $20


AVEDA Hand Renewal treatment add-on (15 minutes) $15
This 15-minute add-on experience rejuvenates and renews the look and feel of hands, which is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Incorporating a masque and massage techniques, this treatment features new Hand Relief™ Night Renewal Serum and Aveda’s bestselling Hand Relief™ Moisturizing Creme.

Anti-aging with peel manicure(60 minutes) $40
This unique rejuvenation experience harnesses the powerful high-tech plant technology of Green Science to renew, repair and regenerate your hands. Clinically proven to lift and firm the skin, the masque reduces fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Stress fix manicure (60 minutes) $40
Clinically proven to reduce feeling of stress, the stress-fix™ aroma with lavender, lavendin and clary sage is incorporated throughout this manicure to calm and rejuvenate. This treatment not only exfoliates but softens the cuticle and treats the arms and hands, finished with your choice of nail colour.

Foot Reflexology (60 minutes) $60
An alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.


Body Balancing

Chakra Balancing (60 minutes) $90
An innovative in-salon spa ritual steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Merges massage and guided meditation with our Chakra™ Balancing Blend aromas to open and balance the chakras—energy centers of the body. Features deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles and energy work for the chakras.

Indian Head massage (45 minutes) $45
More than just a head rub! A gentle healing treatment based on ayurvedic philosophy. It’s been a part of traditional family life in India for over a thousand years, helping to relieve stress, ward off illness and strengthen relationships through physical affection.

** add a shampoo and style to your balancing for $20


Stress-Fix massage (60 minutes) $95
Proven to relieve feelings of stress, the Stress-Fix™ aroma features lavender, lavandin and clary sage and is incorporated throughout a body massage that is designed to calm and rejuvenate you with Swedish and deep tissue techniques, foot reflexology, acupressure and a guided meditation.

Fusion Hot stone massage (60 minutes) $65
Experience the aromatic power of Aveda Pure Flower and Plant Essences fused with the sensation of smooth stone massage. Your chosen aroma will encompass the senses while opposing sensations of warm and cold stones combined with massage techniques balance, soothe, and invigorate your body.

Relaxation massage
This timeless classic focuses on relaxing your aching muscles and allows your nervous system and entire body to relax, gradually. Revive therapists use techniques such as effleurage, kneading, elongation and compression to remove all residual tension.
30 minutes – $30
60 minutes – $55


Body Treatments

Beautifying Body Wrap (60 minutes) $75

A warming, detoxifying, seaweed body wrap treatment featuring the uplifting aroma of Aveda’s Beautifying body care products. The treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed body masque, scalp and face massage and foot reflexology treatment.

Body Polish (60 minutes) $60

A total body exfoliation customized with your Aveda Pure-Fume of choice. Warm aromatic towels, massage and moisture replenishment make this an ideal choice for skin in need of special attention.


Rosemary Mint Awakening Treatment (60 minutes) $55

Renew body and mind with this stimulating and nurturing dry wrap. Your body is exfoliated, smoothed, softened and wrapped. Essences of rosemary and peppermint will awaken your senses while a scalp and foot massage balances the whole body.

Back Treatment (60 minutes) $60

The hard-to-reach area of your back is tended to during this deep-cleansing masque and massage. Shoulders, neck and back are purified and refined to ensure well cared-for skin all over.

** add a shampoo and style to any body treatment for $20

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