From short hair to extra long, from big curls to straight, the Revive team is highly trained to satisfy the creative needs of any client. Our stylists are required to attend the latest education programs ensuring our place as leaders in style and colour.




Shampoo and style
Stylist $25+      Senior Stylist $30+

Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy
Stylist $40      Senior Stylist $45

Formal Style
Stylist $30+      Senior Stylist $35+

Formal Updo
Stylist $45+      Senior Stylist $50+

Wedding Formal
Stylist $60+      Senior Stylist $65+
* add pre-wedding trial $30

Women's Cut and Style
Stylist $35+      Senior Stylist $40+

Gentlemen's Cut and Style
Stylist $20+      Senior Stylist $25+

Youth Cut and Style
Stylist $20+      Senior Stylist $25+



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Aveda Specialty

Our plant-powered salon treatments give you luminous, healthy looking hair. Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments to meet your personal needs-restoring balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair. 


Stylist 75+      Senior Stylist $80+

Colour with face framing foils (maximum 10 foils)
Stylist $95+      Senior Stylist $100+

Foils- partial
Stylist $85      Senior Stylist $90

Botanical Hair Therapy – (30minutes) $50
It begins with a restorative scalp treatment and ends with a transformative moisture or repair treatment. Your hair will look healthier and shinier-and feel soft and silky.

Botanical Moisture treatment • improves dry hair up to 86%* with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny.

Botanical Repair treatment • improves damaged hair up to 84%* with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acid, leaving strands strong, supple and healthy-looking.

Botanical Scalp Therapy • deep cleanses, featuring a refreshing massage with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid that gently exfoliates your scalp and removes buildup that may affect healthy hair.

*any of the above as an add-on treatment $20

Formal- full
Stylist $115      Senior Stylist $125

Fashion colour foil
Stylist $8.50/foil      Senior Stylist $10.25/foil

Fashion colour refresh
Stylist $4.75/foil      Senior Stylist $6.50/foil

Men's grey blending
Stylist $45     Senior Stylist $50

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Corrective colour - Consultation required